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VAPEOOS Liquid 0mg nicotine - Mucho Loco Classic

VAPEOOS Liquid 0mg nicotine - Mucho Loco Classic

starting from 10,16 € *
Old price: 14,90 €
- 32%
ULTRA carbon set

ULTRA carbon set

19,90 € *
Old price: 30,70 €
- 35%
WD Hookah X1 02

WD Hookah X1 02

79,00 € *
Old price: 99,00 €
- 20%
WD Hookah L2 -2

WD Hookah L2 -2

159,00 € *
Old price: 189,95 €
- 16%
Cyborg hookah pliers Sper Rainbow

Cyborg hookah pliers Sper Rainbow

9,90 € *
Old price: 14,90 €
- 34%
SAVING OFFER Coal, lighter, tongs PERFECT!

SAVING OFFER Coal, lighter, tongs PERFECT!

22,90 € *
Old price: 32,75 €
- 30%
Cyborg hookah mouthpiece - BOMBO

Cyborg hookah mouthpiece - BOMBO

5,90 € *
Old price: 7,90 €
- 25%
Kohleanzünder + 1kg Black Cocos GESCHENKT, wenn du dir die cyborg King of Steel Premium hookah raus lässt wenn das mal kein geiler Deal ist?
Hammer Phunnel, fresher Aufsatz! ? Jetzt im Set erhältlich auf !
?? Ja ihr seht richtig!  Wir haben 6 Moze Breeze Two fu?r euch bekommen ? Damit jeder die gleiche Chance hat eine Brezel 2 zu ergattern mo?chten wir euch die Pfeifen schenken und nicht verkaufen ?

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Die Auslosung findet am 27.02.2021 statt. Die Gewinner werden in der Story des jeweiligen Shops bekannt gegeben. Wir wu?nschen allen Teilnehmern viel Glu?ck.

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The Shisha from the Onlineshop

A touch of the orient for your home

Whoever has ever spent a holiday in the Orient, surely knows the Shisha. This water pipe has its origin in the Arabian area and was probably smoked there already in the 16th century. It has long since begun its triumphal procession in the western countries. Shisha smoking is a ritual with a long tradition in the Orient. Smoke is produced from tobacco, which is often enriched with aromas. It is drawn through a bowl filled with water by pulling the mouthpiece. Thereby it is cooled and filtered.

Order a wide variety of shishas, tobacco and accessories online

We have shishas for everyone. If you don't want to smoke alone, but together with friends, choose a model with several tubes. Should the shisha tubes become porous over time, we have high quality replacements for each model. Shisha tobacco is available from us in many different brands. Here everybody gets his money's worth, no matter if he loves the tobacco classic or with a special taste. Variety for the shisha brings water pipe tobacco with menthol, lemon, mango, passion fruit or a mix of exotic fruits. Steam paste is an alternative to tobacco and is offered in many variations. It is free of nicotine and tar. An important requirement for smoking the shisha is the shisha coal. All those who traditionally like it choose natural coal. If you want it to be fast and comfortable, the self-lighting charcoal is suitable.

Comprehensive accessories for the shisha in the online shop

If parts of the hookah should break, we have the appropriate spare parts. Bowls, Shisha tubes, tobacco heads in many colours and shapes made of clay, stone or silicone, but also mouthpieces made of glass, plastic or metal are available in many variations. The mouthpieces made of glass in their many colour variations are real works of art just like the shisha. Smoke columns, coal plates, coal containers, adapters, seals, molasse catchers and coal tongs can be found in many variations and for every Shisha. So that the smoking of the shisha always inspires and is not affected by unpleasant deposits, we offer everything for cleaning. Cleaning brushes are available in different shapes, sizes and colours. Stronger dirt can be removed with special cleaner. For easier smoking, to regulate the heat and to protect against wind outdoors, the wind screen is suitable in different versions. The practical carrying bags are suitable for transporting shisha, tobacco, shisha coal and accessories.

Shishas in many variations at fair conditions

The water pipe, water pipe tobacco, natural coal, steam paste and everything else that is needed for Shisha smoking, we offer in our online store in a huge selection and at fair prices. We have real bestsellers, many current novelties and cheap bargains from many manufacturers. If you want to save money, you should have a look at the special offers and the top offers. From an order value of 60 Euro the delivery is free of shipping costs. All those who want to be always up to date can subscribe to the free newsletter and secure a voucher of 15 percent.