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Practical, innovative and simply cool

Vapeoos® is the easiest way to turn your standard shisha into an e-shisha. Thanks to modern technology, common charcoal heads have become obsolete and the conversion to a refreshing, aromatic e-head is easier than ever. Instead of the classic combination of coal and tobacco, a practical e-shisha head in combination with intensive, tasty liquids or steam stones are on the rise and will sooner or later displace their smoking predecessors from the shisha scene. The powerful e-head from Vapeoos® generates enough steam that there is no need to switch to the traditional coal shisha.

Here you will find everything you need

In addition to a wide range of Liqiuds, Steamstones and E-heads in different price categories, powerful batteries and rechargeable batteries for a long lasting Shisha pleasure are also offered. The Vapeoos® own brand is the best that is currently available on the e-shisha market and offers both variety and innovation perfectly tailored to your preferences.