Enforced & Established 

Recently, many...


Enforced & Established

Recently, many new tobacco brands are entering the hookah scene with hopes of establishing themselves. However, only a few manage to do so, as it takes a touch of extravagance and quality. The guys from Holster Tabak have done it and are already after a few months as well known as their great role models Adalya or Jinni Tabak. After a short time, the few, but with a lot of love and high quality standards produced tobacco varieties were already out of stock. The company's motto is class instead of mass, which is why the product range does not include 100 different varieties, but a few unusual tobacco products adorn the assortment.

Intense taste & a large selection

The tobacco is packed in an airtight & resealable 200g tin, which keeps the tobacco pleasantly fresh. The high-quality base tobacco consists of Virginia raw tobacco, which absorbs the flavors and molasses wonderfully. Thus, a longer hookah enjoyment is possible without any problems, without the pleasant and intense taste is lost. Whether the hookah tobacco is right for you, you have to find out for yourself. But one thing is guaranteed: In our huge selection of hookah tobacco you are guaranteed to find the right one for you.

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