Cheap and durable - choose the tobacco head...

Tobacco heads

Cheap and durable - choose the tobacco head for your hookah

The smoke quality when smoking hookah depends on many factors: Besides the quality of the tobacco and the charcoal, a clean and permeable tobacco head is the most important basis for a pleasant shisha session. Traditionally, a clay head belongs to the shisha, but other heat-resistant materials such as stone and silicone are also suitable for heads with and without a chimney attachment. For a completely new crown for your shisha, we recommend one of our chimney head sets with clay or stone head and integrated chimney attachment.

Heat up the aromas properly

Get the best out of your tobacco and garnish your shisha heads in clay, aluminum, stone, or silicone head. We carry luxury variants from top brands and lovingly made heads from natural materials - after all, the eye smokes with you.

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