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Great popularity - exceptional varieties

The CHAOS tobacco has been the HIT par excellence on the tobacco market since the beginning of 2016. With large marketing campaigns, the tobacco has quickly gained in popularity. They appeared on the market with extraordinary varieties. Examples are peanut butter or woodruff with vanilla. Extraordinary flavours are therefore guaranteed.

Intense aromas & wide selection

Not for nothing is the Chaos Shisha tobacco one of the most popular in Germany. Many different flavours, which can be divided into three large series, complete a huge assortment. On the one hand the most famous standard variant, the Comic Series and the unusual Chaos Funk You Edition. Besides the usual 200 gram tin, the tobacco varieties are also sold in the 1 kilogram value pack. If you can't find what you're looking for, you're guaranteed to find it in our huge shop assortment of tobacco brands & varieties.