Intensive & Unique 

The Adalya tobacco...


Intensive & Unique

The Adalya tobacco has its origin in Turkey, but is now produced in Belgium. The cut of the tobacco is very fine and stands out from the crowd with its intense smell and taste. Even without additional addition of molasses the tobacco stays nice and moist and is therefore directly ready to smoke.

Large selection of different varieties

Adalya became known through the top seller Love 66, which always enjoys great popularity among Shsiha fans. Little by little, the product range is being expanded to include diverse fruit blends with ever more exotic flavors. Not to be neglected are also the pure flavors, some of which are refined with a hint of mint. If Adalya does not have the right tobacco for you, we offer you many other brands and varieties in our large tobacco assortment, where guaranteed the right thing for you will be there.

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