Small, fine and incredibly practical...


Small, fine and incredibly practical

Perfection, highest quality standards and practicality - This is probably the best way to describe the shisha from Oduman. Perfect for a relaxing day at the lake or in the park, where the Shisha should not be missing in any case. Up to two hoses can be connected to the Shisha. The materials glass and stainless steel are perfectly matched to each other, so that the shishas look harmonious and perfectly designed.

Uniqueness makes an impression

Speaking of design, the guys from Oduman offer a real eye-catcher with their Tarantula hookah. The name says it all: it is small, looks like a spider and is guaranteed to make an impression.

Inexpensive and always with you

The smallest model is available for as little as €49.90 and impresses with its excellent quality and workmanship. If you are often on the road, but do not want to miss the cozy hookah smoking, then secure your handy hookah from Oduman immediately.

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