Molasses catchers are the latest craze on...

Molasses Catcher

Molasses catchers are the latest craze on the hookah market

The purpose of a molasses catcher is to catch the excess molasses that can sometimes be produced by tobacco,

from the tobacco. Without a molasses catcher, this could get into the smoke column, creating deposits that are difficult to get rid of.

There are many different shapes and types of molasses catchers. Let us inspire you! Just from our brand <a href="/cyborg-hookah">Cyborg</a>, you can find a wide variety of molasses catchers,

There really is something for everyone!

This is to note

Proper use:

  • 1. use ground glass protectors: Molasses catchers are usually made of much more delicate glass than, for example, the smoke column or the plate holder. Due to the temperature the glass works at high temperatures, it should be prevented that it expands by the work so far that it jumps.
  • 2. please follow the steps below: - Take the plate from the glass smoke column - Put the molasses catcher on the smoke column - Put the clay head on the plate - Put the plate with clay head carefully on molasses catcher.

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