The coal makes the difference!

Hardly anything is more annoying when smoking hookah than sparking charcoal, which makes the tobacco inedible and the smoking experience dissolve into ash. For our Smokkers online shop, we therefore carefully select the charcoal manufacturers and pay attention to the best quality.

Bring your hookah to glow

Within a few seconds, the self-lighting charcoal in our shop is ready for use - the calorific value is optimally matched to hookah heads. The glowing coconut shell pellets also bring the moist tobacco to steam in a pleasant way, yet the natural charcoal does not overheat even during intensive use. With us, you can find cheap natural charcoal from renowned manufacturers like BLACKCOCO's or ONE NATION - each brand gives your hookah a new flair. Find your standard brand or try out a new smoking experience with high-quality natural charcoal from our shop.

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