The easiest way to get the shisha running...

Charcoal lighter

The easiest way to get the shisha running

Electric charcoal lighters are the perfect way to get natural charcoal glowing, all you need is the right charcoal tongs and a power socket. You're ready to go. With proper maintenance, charcoal lighters last forever and don't cost more than 30€ on average.

What you need to consider

Follow these steps: 1. set the device once on the highest level and let it run empty for a few minutes 2. since wax is rubbed on the heating coils, you will notice an unpleasant smell at first 3. place the charcoal lighter on a non-flammable surface such as plastic or other materials 4. place the charcoal on top, wait a few minutes and enjoy your shisha. 4. put the coals on, wait a few minutes and look forward to your shisha pleasure!

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