Starter Sets

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Starter Sets

E-cigarette starter sets for beginners

When it comes to your first own e-shisha, it's not just about the look: E-shishas are available in different price ranges and come with various extras. We have put together high-quality starter sets for beginners and advanced vapers that meet all steamer demands. Choose an inexpensive model to try out or upgrade to a premium set from Vaporesso and other renowned manufacturers.

Function and aesthetics cleverly combined

Our starter sets are ready to use in just a few steps and are easy to refill. Choose a pleasant e-liquid blend to go with it or vaporize healing herbal oils from the pharmacy in the coilhead. The operation is very easy and intuitive for experienced smokers - customize your set and choose a design that suits you. If you have questions about one of the sets in our shop, contact us by phone or email: We will be happy to advise beginners on the right way to get started and give you helpful tips if you want to adapt your daily enjoyment exactly to your needs.