Replacement coils

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Replacement coils

Coilhead - What is that?

Replacement coils for long enjoyment. The vaporizer head (also called coilhead or coil) is the most important element in e-cigarettes and e-shishas. It is a small metal casing that is filled with ignition wires and cotton wool. Even the best coilhead burns out sooner or later and must be replaced: In our online shop for Vape accessories you will find high quality coilheads at reasonable prices.

You must know this when you buy

Coilheads are usually encased in metal housings, but you can also find heat-resistant models with a ceramic core. If you don't want to change the amount and intensity of the vapour during vaporizing, make sure that the ohm and watt values on the new vaporizer head match the values of your previous coils. In general: If the resistance is lower than 1 Ohm, you should set a higher wattage, if the resistance is 1 Ohm or higher, little energy is sufficient for intensive steam.