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E-cigarettes and E-Shisha accessories for all Smokkers models

So that you don't run out of juice on the road, we offer practical replacement batteries and suitable chargers for all E-Shisha models in our shop. Here you can also find spare parts for the devices in the shop and other accessories for pleasant steaming. If you can't find certain parts when browsing through our categories or using the shop's search function, please contact our team by phone or e-mail.

Replace and charge batteries correctly

The capacity of the battery should always be higher than that of the charger to prevent damage to the equipment. Batteries with 650 - 1100 mAh require for example chargers with 420-500 mAh. Standard battery cells from Sony and other manufacturers usually last for a maximum of 500 battery charges - in our shop you can order suitable batteries with a few clicks and exchange them in no time.