E-Shisha - the trend to simply imitate...


E-Shisha - the trend to simply imitate

Shisha pimping made easy - E-Shisha heads and liquids to put on. E-cigarettes have long since replaced stinky nicotine sticks - the sweet nicotine vapor to vape e-smoking friends can now also enjoy through the e-shisha. No harmful vapours are produced and the respiratory tract remains free - what remains is the pleasant taste of the aromatic e-liquid. When relaxation is in the air, you will surely find the right e-liquid in our shop. With one click to the E-Head.

No conversion necessary

The heads from our shop can simply be exchanged with conventional charcoal heads and the electronic hookah is ready for use. The powerful e-head produces plenty of vapor, which you can inhale as with e-cigarettes and then let it evaporate in the room. With the pleasant e-liquid blends in our range, real connoisseurs can complete their vape equipment and use the electronic hookah just as varied as its smoking predecessor.