AO glass charcoal plate

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AO glass charcoal plate

? HUGE DIAMETER - Thanks to the large diameter, no more glowing coals end up on the (carpet) floor.

? COMPLETE THROUGH-LOOK - The charcoal plate is made of high-quality glass and has a rose gold-colored accent on the edge.

? COMPATIBLE WITH STANDARD HEAD ADAPTERS - All standard head adapters can be combined with the charcoal plate.

With the glass charcoal plate from AO, your hookah becomes an eye-catcher. Gone is the era of mainstream metal charcoal plates, now transparency comes into play. The charcoal plate is made of high-quality glass on which you can tap your hot coals with a clear conscience. The huge diameter of 26cm prevents glowing charcoal pieces from loading on the floor and leaving ugly burn holes. In short, the AO glass charcoal plate is a round thing.

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