AO Carbon Molasses Trap Stainless Steel

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AO Carbon Molasses Catcher Stainless Steel

? ALWAYS A CLEAN SHISHA - The molasses catcher keeps the molasses from getting into the smoke pipe and thus into the bowl. This keeps the water in the glass clean longer and makes the smoke column easier to clean.

? COOL OPTICS - The Carbon Molasses Catcher is a real highlight, especially because of its pattern. However, the molasses catcher not only pimps carbon shishas, but also all others that are still missing that certain extra.

? STILL TIGHT - The molasses catcher is equipped with two threads as well as two sealing rings, which prevent the liquid molasses from spilling out or overflowing.

? SLIDE CONNECTION - Fits all smoke columns with an 18/8 head joint without the need for additional seals.

? EASY TO CLEAN - The molasses trap can be disassembled into four parts and rinsed with water. For stubborn stains, a little shisha cleaner can be used.

You are tired of glass molasses catchers, because they are too fragile and vulnerable; but you still don't want the sticky, viscous consistency of the molasses to slowly run down the smoke column of your hookah until it has completely "taken over" the water and thus your bowl. Then the AO Carbon Molasses Catcher is exactly the right thing for you. The metal parts are made of high quality V2A stainless steel, the middle part consists of an optically reminiscent of carbon, which sits firmly thanks to two threads and thus prevents the molasses can run out.

But how does this wacky and above all opaque molasses catcher work? The molasses runs down the clay head and into the molasses catcher, where it is collected in the molasses pool. An optimal draught can still be guaranteed, as a total of 16 round milled holes ensure that the air can enter the smoke column as usual.

The cleaning of the molasses catcher is very simple in contrast to the function: unscrew the molasses catcher, rinse the parts with water and possibly use some shisha cleaner or detergent.

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